2017 Chevrolet Camaro Photo, Features, Price

2017 Chevrolet Camaro Photo, Features, Price


If you’re considering the purchase of a 2017 Camaro SS coupe with a manual, you’re going to want to look at the 1LE package. And if you weren’t considering a new Camaro, you might be now. The option group is intended to transform The General’s affordable V-8 coupe into an affordable V-8 coupe that can stop and turn. Sort of sounds like a Mustang we know.

The 2017 Camaro 1LE name is plucked from late-‘80s Chevy history—the package prepped a Camaro for road-racing duty by stripping unnecessary like the radio and A/C, installing different gearing, upgrading the brakes, and messing with the suspension. This new-age Camaro 1LE keeps the convenience features but receives similar improvements, many of them sourced from or inspired by the 2017 Camaro ZL1.

Trickle-Down Trackonomics

Chevy previewed the 2017 Camaro 1LE package with a concept at last year’s SEMA show. The production model Camaro will replace the Camaro SS’s standard Tremec TR6060-M10 six-speed manual transmission with a close-ratio TR6060-MM6 six-speed stick and a higher final-drive ratio of 3.91:1. The transmission also gets a cooling system, like on the 2017 ZL1. The V-8's output is unchanged from that of manual SS models, at 426 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. Suspension modifications include a larger, 27-mm front anti-roll bar, a 28-mm rear anti-roll bar, ZL1 toe links, 2017 Camaro ZL1 rear shock mounts, a strut-tower brace. Beefier half-shafts are supposed to help cope with the improved traction, wheel bearings come from the ZL1, and the fuel system has been upgraded with the ZL1’s high-capacity fuel pump and additional fuel pickups to avoid high-g fuel starvation. The 20x10 front and 20x11 rear wheels are inspired by the 2017 Camaro ZL1’s rims and are shod with 285/35ZR20 Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar G: 2 tires at all four corners, the same ones that come on the Camaro  ZL1’s front wheels.

The only important items not carried over from the 2017 Camaro 1LE concept are the 2017 Camaro ZL1’s magnetorheological dampers. Instead, the production 1LE gets specifically tuned monotube dampers in place of the 2017 Camaro SS’s standard twin-tube units. We suspect price was an issue there, and that Chevy has decided to preserve some of the ZL1 suspension’s specialness by not offering it on lesser Camaros.

You’ll know it’s a 2017 1LE car because of the matte-black hood, as well as a front splitter and rear spoiler that are claimed to reduce lift at high speed. The car’s interior features a flat-bottom steering wheel and the short-throw shifter out of a ZL1.

A 2017 Camaro SS coupe with the 1LE package and required manual transmission is promised to come in at under $40,000— for those keeping score, that’s right around the Mustang Boss 302’s pre-destination sticker price and within $8K of a base 2017 Camaro SS. Chevy plans to get the 1LE package approved for SCCA Touring Class competition. And the car is supposed to do a sub-three-minute lap of Virginia International Raceway, a track with which we’re very familiar. We like where this is going.

Other 2013 Camaro Changes

Following the lead of the Camaro ZL1, all 2017 Camaros SS models will get variable-ratio, variable-effort electric power steering. SS cars also will be available with a dual-mode exhaust, like the one on the ZL1 and Corvette. And all Camaros will be available with a MyLink color touch-screen infotainment radio.